Rita Ora sues Jay Z & Roc Nation...

Rita Ora wants out of her contract. She's suing her label Roc Nation and owner Jay Z for not having her best interests at heart career wise.
The singer, who signed to Roc Nation at 18, is taking action after years went by without the label putting out an album in the United States. She feels she became less of a priority the moment their interests shifted to sports management and other endeavors. The declamatory judgment claims that she has been “self-funding her promotional television appearances, recording costs, and video projects.” (read more).

In 2013, Roc Nation switched its distribution partner from Sony to Universal, but according to the lawsuit, she’s been left behind at Sony. This is one of the reasons she has been “orphaned” by the company as they would have no interest in supporting an artist signed to a rival label.

Lets face it. Jay Z only snapped her up because aside from sounding good, she looked like Beyoncé and Rihanna combined. Then before you know it, she was hailed the British Rihanna by the mass media. I've never cared for Rita's music. Her songs are generic and uninspiring, but overall I think she's missing a bit of that star power which is why she hasn't clicked with American audiences. They have Bey and Rih so why would they embrace a watered down carbon copy and subpar music?

I know I give her a hard time around these parts but I truly hope she can break free and that this doesn't turn into a JoJo situation. She actually has some singing talent and deserves to do well (not just in the UK but everywhere). Speaking of Rihanna, she too needs to break away from Roc Nation because her 'ANTi' era has been nothing but a hot ass mess!