Snapshots: Mariah Carey looking fab during her way to New York's Beacon Theatre...

Go hot mama! There is always something lovely seeing Mermaid Carey flawlessly embracing her grown woman status these days.
Wow! She looks like she stepped right out of the 90s! Mariah looks so genuinely happy again this year, which is so refreshing to see. She's in a contented relationship with someone on her level financially and then some, it's her favourite time of the year and she's performing to sell-out crowds every night. 

When you're happy there's no need to drink yourself into a slum and we all know MC loves herself a drink every now and then. As one gets older it gets tougher. However, being in a happy relationship means that there's no apparent reason to over-indulge because life is THAT good. And that is what I see when I look at these glowing pics of Ms Carey.

December 15th: