Songwriter Glass John has MAJOR twitter meltdown over Rihanna's album delay...

I've seen many a time how producers and songwriters pop off on Twitter whenever their songs don't make the cut. Their anger is especially fueled when the artist is high profile because they came so close. Getting their work featured on a Beyoncé/Rihanna album would be considered a career defining moment for them. It raises their profile tremendously and gets them a tonne of offers from other high profile artists. It makes them a whole lot of money and they get rich. That's how business works. It is why some songwriters are willing to share their credits even if the artist did very little contribution. However, Glass John took his rejection to a whole new level.

John went on a FORTY EIGHT hour tweeting marathon ranting and raving about the delays and status of Rihanna’s new album 'ANTi.' I go to sleep for 10 hours and I get up and he's still tweeting and retweeting! In fact he is STILL tweeting right now! He blames her rumoured new boyfriend Travis Scott for not only delaying the album, but for negatively influencing the musical direction of it. He refers to Rihanna as his "wife," and claims Scott is just using her to boost his own career. He claims to be the original producer of Jay Z and Kanye West's 'N*ggas in Paris,' and accusing Hitboy of stealing his credit. Also caught up in his deranged Twitter rants was Beyoncé, Jay Z, Chris Brown, and Kanye West. Let's address some of these tweets (and there sure is hell of a lot!)

John did some work on Chris Brown's 'X' album. This was recorded when Chris and Rihanna were still an item, and there's a song on it called 'Do Better.' John says he and Chris wrote songs together about her, because they were in love with her at the same time. WTF.

Goes into the first time he met Rihanna:

John has songwriting credits on Rihanna’s 'Kiss It Better,' an upcoming song set for inclusion on 'ANTi,' for which he solely blames on Scott for its delay. Trap single 'Bitch Better Have My Money' is arguably one of Rihanna's worst songs but she released it anyway because Scott made her do so according to John.

John threatens Scott with violence after a recent shootout that took place at a club Rihanna partied at with Scott.

If you recall, reputable media outlets DID report that Rihanna's album was due to drop on November 6th, and he says it's true. Once again, he puts all blame on Scott for the delay:

Remember when Rihanna said she wanted to put out a timeless album with songs she could still sing in 15 years time? John said him and Jeff Bhasker created something classic and Scott prevented her from putting it out, because he wanted her entire album to go the ratchet trap route. This coincides with his earlier claim that Scott was the reason behind 'Bitch Better Have My Money' being released as a single.

Sprouts off further about Travis being bad for her career:

Talks about CB's 'X' album being a shrine to Rihanna:
Rihanna is currently in Barbados enjoying the Christmas break with her family. It's HIGHLY unlikely that Rihanna is worrying about work when she has all of 2016 to properly sort out her album roll-out. Yet, John claims he and Rihanna were on a conference call with Jay Z in regards to releasing 'ANTi':

He describes a song she did with Pharrell. We shall soon see if that one makes the cut.

Tweets like this had folks thinking his Twitter was hacked:

At this point, it seems like he is TROLLING after his tweets generated mass publicity among the blogs and his followers increased by at least 2,000:

He reveals Rihanna's 'reaction' to these crazed tweets:
Says he wouldn't post her new music without her permission but goes ahead and posts a demo of 'Kiss It Better' in snippet form on YouTube:
  Threatens to release some Beyoncé tea if he's still not legally bound:
Acknowledges that his Twitter meltdown will come with some serious financial/career consequences:

Claims he received no credit or publishing royalties for his work:

Moments ago, he was getting into it with Roc Nation employees, and it seems like they got him to shut off his account from public viewing. His tweets were privately protected, but are now public again. He reveals more stuff about Beyoncé and Jay Z's joint album, Rita Ora leaving and more:

Closer view:

Is he having a mental breakdown? He seems so unstable. I think he's TOAST. He can kiss goodbye to whatever career he had left. He came for Beyoncé, and you know that doing this never ends well for anyone. Honestly, do you really think Rihanna or anyone else for that matter will want to work with him again after his crazed outburst last night? There are like HUNDREDS of ranting tweets on his timeline so I just picked out the ones that were the real eye openers.

Even if he's fuming about his music being cut from her album, this does not excuse his behaviour. This does not give him incentive to act like a stalking lunatic and lay her business out like that on front street. He is very unprofessional and clearly does not value his job. I don't believe Travis Scott is controlling her career like that either. He doesn't even have the power to make such decisions. Roc Nation isn't going to stop a release just because he said so.

Yes, we know this era has been horribly mismanaged (understatement), but his behaviour was waaay too much. And then you had Perez Hilton and other bloggers egging him on. Seems to me like Rihanna needs to cut off a whole lot of people in her camp because they make her look soooo bad. She also needs to be much more stricter with her non disclosure agreements because you have Sia and Azalea Banks and their gist of mouth diarrhea talking about their contributions (which may or may not even make the cut.) Other big artists have managed to keep things under wraps.

Although I do believe there is a HINT of truth to some of the stuff he said, it's hard to take him seriously when he is tweeting that Rihanna hears his voice in her head all the time.

John Glass wrote 'Kiss It Better' — and Jeff Bhasker produced it.
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Last night, he posted a longer snippet of the song in demo format but this version does not feature Rihanna's vocals:
[Video has been deleted but it showed John smoking a blunt and looking high while playing a minute long version of the demo. You can listen to it here]

What are your thoughts on this explosive drama?