Beyoncé sets up mysterious event on Facebook...

A mysterious test event was set up on Beyoncé’s facebook page last night. The event stated that tickets would be available via Ticketmaster.
The header for the event was set as the TIDAL logo, whilst the date was set to 'Saturday, January 30th at 8:30pm.' The event’s title was set to ‘Miscellaneous Test Event’, leaving fans wondering whether she is set to announce that hotly rumoured summer tour a lot sooner than anticipated.

Over the weekend, she reportedly shot another music video for her sixth studio album. She has been spotted on various occasions shooting videos leaving fans guessing that she might be releasing another visual album or she's shooting videos for the singles she plans to release. Can you imagine Beyoncé, Rihanna and Fergie releasing albums at around the same time? No one knows what  Beyoncé is planning. All her projects have been shrouded in mystery and she has gone ghost on social media, so she's clearly up to something! I hope you have your coins saved. If not, start saving now!