Chilli gives an update on that fan-funded new TLC album...

In an interview with Billboard, Chilli offers an update on that fan-funded new TLC album.
Chilli and T-Boz had encouraged fans to donate towards their $150,000 target goal on Kickstarter to fund their fifth and final project.  Fans donated $430,000, complete with a $5,000 donation from Katy Perry. The album was originally slated for 2015 but they postponed it to this year. According to Chilli:
“We’re trying to finish up the album, and after today, [it will be] day in, day out, just getting this album done. I’ll just say this: We’re bringing back our interludes. We’ve come up with some really fun, funny stuff for people to enjoy.”
They had the best interludes especially on 'CrazySexyCool.' Overall, I just want a decent album from them. It's going to be their last so it's important for them to make this one as memorable as possible.