Chris Brown blasts his accuser in bizarre video rant...

Twitch, twitch. Chris Brown took to Instagram and fired back at his accuser in a video which shows him twitching and scratching himself, while slurring on his words.
“Obviously someone is looking to get a check or start some sh*t,” he says in the now deleted post, which addresses the woman accusing him of punching her in the face at a Las Vegas party.

“I don’t know this old looking b*tch. This b*tch is old, like dusty. Look at her in the Jason Derulo video. She came to Vegas and she probably came to my room and was too ugly to get in.” Yiiikes. He looks and sounds awful. Maybe he should have sobered up a little or waited for whatever substances he took to leave his system. As ever, Chris stays handling things in the mature way he knows how.

His rep has released a full statement which you can read here.

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