Beyoncé slammed by Azealia Banks...

Rapper Azealia Banks is showing her flip flop ways towards Beyoncé in some controversial (now deleted) tweets.
You're either FOR or AGAINST her. What is it? A couple of days ago, the rapper defended Beyoncé's new pro-black single 'Formation' after it reportedly came under attack by white feminists. The rapper has always been vocal about the struggles faced by black artists in the past. Well, today was a different story when she switched up her tune completely.

In some tweets, which have now been deleted (Beyhive clearly got her shook), she tweeted the word "karma," in assistance with this statement towards Bey's song 'Flawless' aka 'Bow Down':

No one understands where this outburst is coming from, since she was caping for Beyoncé just a few days ago:

Best revenge is your paper, and Azealia stays f*cking hers up.