Dr. Luke drags Chris Brown...

Dr. Luke has finally broken his silence on social media to vehemently deny raping his protege Ke$ha. In doing so, he drags Chris Brown in his defense.
Luke's reputation has taken quite a battering and some of the artists he has worked with in the past have started to distance themselves. Not sure if anyone has been following the #FreeKesha movement on social media. But to cut a long story short,  Dr. Luke has been accused of sexually assaulting Ke$ha and she has been locked in a contract with him. As a result, she can't move forward with her music career. Last week, she lost a preliminary injunction against him. Taylor Swift donated a solid $250K to support Ke$ha's ongoing legal case, but the sincerity of that donation was questioned following Demi Lovato seemingly calling out Taylor on her so-called "feminist" ways.

Demi later blasted Taylor's donation, and that's it pretty much. Luke basically called celebrity attorney Mark Geragos a hypocrite for repping Ke$ha in court after having Chris Brown as a previous client. Team Breezy are all up in his mentions, but do you agree?