Mariah Carey praises Rihanna, says she's not heard Adele's 'Hello'...

Unless she's been living in a cave, Mariah Carey says she hasn’t heard Adele's smash hit 'Hello,' simply because she doesn't listen to the radio and she’s focused on her own music.
Oh, puhlease! Mariah knows damn well she has heard 'Hello.' You don't even need to listen to the radio to have at least heard it once. You simply can't get away from it, because you'd hear it through a friend or family member. You hear it in Macdonalds or Starbucks when grabbing coffee. You hear it when shopping at the mall. I know I have anyway. When the song and video premiered at the same time, it even made the 6 o' clock news! I'm sure it gets played in her private transport, unless she specifically instructs her pilot or driver NOT to play Adele's music whenever she's within earshot. Actually, being the diva she is, I can actually see her doing that! I just feel Mariah was a little too dismissive when answering that question.

I know for a fact that she hates getting asked about younger vocalists. Just listen to other interviews where she gets asked about them and observe her responses (especially towards Ariana Grande, Leona Lewis and Christina Aguilera). Maybe she wasn't trying to be shady intentionally but I notice that about her quite a lot. On the other hand, she was was only too happy to shower Rihanna with praises. Mariah said Rihanna is “cool, amazing and really talented,” adding that she loves her. She was responding to Rihanna often praising Mariah for being one of her biggest influences in music.

 Listen to Mariah's full interview with Breakfast Xpress morning show in South Africa, below: