Mariah Carey: "Today's artists can become huge without even having a #1 record"...

Mariah Carey tells Business Insider that the success of today's pop stars is mostly down to their social media followings, and not the actual music.
"I think now it’s more about people selling themselves, like online. It’s more about, 'Here’s what I did today. Let me do something and shock the world,’ rather than so much about the music." she says "There are some artists where it is about the music and that’s great. But I just look at it like, it’s different than when you had to start out and people had to either connect with your song or not.”

You know she's probably setting her sights on Ariana Grande with those comments, but she is so right! In the 90s, music use to sell really well, especially R&B music. People were willing to dig deep into their pockets. Before the digital age and social media phenomenon came into play, an artist having that level of mystery to them made them intriguing. We wanted to connect to them through their actual music, not because of what they had for dinner that day, or who they hung out with. The thing about social media is that these celebs are much more reachable, and sometimes they tend to reveal "too much" about themselves. I guess in a way, the talent gets overshadowed by the antics. I miss that timeless musical era when I was growing up.