Rihanna cancelled Grammy performance, but can 'ANTi' be saved?

Rihanna cancelled her Grammy Awards performance because she's been struggling with bronchitis and is on meds.
Ironically, she was set to perform ‘Kiss It Better,’ off her latest album 'ANTi.' A doctor on site had warned she could permanently damage her vocal cords if she went ahead with the performance.

After rehearsals, she left Staple’s Center and went home. I hope Riri gets well soon. She did the right thing in cancelling her performance. You don't mess around with bronchitis. I wonder what this means for her upcoming Brit Awards performance. Will she cancel that too, so she can fully rest up her vocals for the tour? Yes, this era has been a mess (where the hell is the 'Work' video?), but it is still early days and she can still salvage the mess that has surrounded her 'ANTi' era if she truly believes in it.