Rihanna postpones 'ANTi' world tour...

Following cancellation of her Grammy Awards performance, Rihanna has postponed her 'ANTi' world tour until March.
The tour was scheduled to kick off on February 26th in San Diego. Now it will begin on March 12th in Jacksonville, Fla. The tour’s first eight stops — including San Jose, Phoenix, Austin, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans and Atlanta — have been rescheduled for May. According to Rihanna’s rep, tour dates have been postponed due to “production delays.” Mess. This sloppy assed era needs a serious overhaul, and if she ends up canceling her Brit Awards performance, it's curtains. Again I ask... where is the 'Work' music video?

Fans have reacted angrily to the news, so much that her name started trending on Twitter. The tour has done well in North America, but in other markets, the demand not as big. Chin up! Samsung can always buy all the tour tickets that still remain (and then give them out for free.)