Rihanna’s album ‘ANTi’ tops Billboard 200...

Rihanna’s new album ‘ANTi’ has sold 166,000 units (124,000 pure album sales) domestically in its first full week of availability.
With such a mismanaged era, Rihanna is going to have to work,work,work, work, work for those album sales. I'm a bit doubtful that she will scan one million in pure album sales. But if she plays her cards right, going Gold is not entirely out of the question. There isn't any reason why Samsung couldn't throw out a few million dollars to place an 'ANTi' advert during the Super Bowl broadcast. This probably would have been a better (cheaper) strategy as opposed to paying for 1.4 million users to download the album for free. If she wants to further increase her album sales, she should consider releasing 'Love On The Brain' as the next single and not wait too long to release the video.

The 'Work' video should have been released the same time as the song (like Adele and Beyoncé have done recently). She could learn something from them but she waits weeks (sometimes months) to drop a video and by then the song loses its momentum. The project becomes the second album of hers to top the Billboard 200.

Anyway, check out this really pointless behind the scenes video showing the making of 'Work':