Rihanna's 'Work' enjoys new (top 5) peak on Billboard Hot 100...

Rihanna's latest single 'Work' (featuring Drake) enters the Billboard Hot 100's top five, rising 7-4 in its third week.
The song is Rihanna's 20th top five Hot 100 hit, making her just the eighth artist to hit that milestone, and matching Michael Jackson's achievement. If she performed at the Grammys last night, and released the visuals for 'Work,' there is every chance the song could have went to #1 by now.

I'm not at all understanding the hold up. Does she not want 'ANTi' to succeed? I get that the cancellation was beyond her control, but she really needs to do a Beyoncé and ditch her management team for a completely new one. Seriously. They are totally rubbish! The Island flavoured cut serves as Rihanna's 20th top five Hot 100 hit.

Acts with the most top five Hot 100 hits:

1. The Beatles (29)
2. Madonna (28)
3. Mariah Carey (26)
4. Janet Jackson (24)
5. Elvis Presley (21)
6. Michael Jackson (20)
7. Stevie Wonder (20)
8. Rihanna (20)