Tinashe on RCA: "They're only focused on Zayn Malik"...

Poor Tinashe is getting dragged by Zayn Malik/One Direction fans simply for spilling the true tea on her record label RCA.
Tinashe says RCA are ignoring their artists in favour of Zayn Malik. She made her admission in some leaked group dm's with fans. And just like Rihanna, she dms her fans regularly on social media. I have to admit, this is some Christina Milian teas! It's reminding me of that time Christina went on record and said her album wasn't getting promoted because Def Jam only cared about Rihanna!

Tinashe is right though. RCA doesn't give two hoots about their R&B acts. Zayn's fans think she was being super shady and patronizing when she referred to him as "Zany," but I don't think she meant any harm. It was all tongue in cheek. Tinashe doesn't have an issue with Zayn. It is the label she has issues with. She doesn't even have a clue when her new album 'Joyride' hits retail and she has even taken to leaking her own songs on Soundcloud. I know her label must be fuming and have resorted to putting her on the naughty step as a result. I wish she'd put out better music, but it still sucks her label is being dismissive. I think Tinashe has some potential. She works hard, but if an artist doesn't have a huge following and lots of loyal supporters, they get tossed to the side. She is still considered a newbie at the end of the day. Chris Brown was also very vocal about RCA "sabotaging" his career when it came to promotion of his latest album.