What was your favourite Rihanna era?

As Rihanna celebrates her 28th birthday today, she becomes the best selling digital artist of all time, despite encountering her most understated era yet.
Unauthorized album leaks. Cancelled TV performances. Cancelled tour dates. Postponed tour dates.  Downgrading venues from stadiums to arenas. Music video delays. A reported meltdown. One of her songwriters going cray cray. Low album sales. BeyoncĂ© storming in suddenly (notice how their eras have never clashed like this since they're both under Jay Z's wing. Yet Adele domination was the sole reason her team delayed the release). Need I go on with all the things gone wrong surrounding the poorly mishandled campaign of 'ANTi'? Why isn't she sacking people over this? I would be going batshit crazy (oh, she actually did with that reported Grammy meltdown). At the end of the day, this is her livelihood, and she shouldn't take anyone messing  up her livelihood so easily.

When Rihanna's album campaigns are watertight, she is on her A-Game. The only good thing I can say is, it's been over ten years and she's still breaking records and churning out hits (she was never a first week album seller anyway.) What was your favourite era from today's birthday girl? Mine would have to be 'Rated R' (my favourite album personally.) The music was on point, the promo was good, the music videos were dope and because of the Chris Brown incident, she won a legion of new supporters.