Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Chris Brown announces documentary...

Chris Brown has announced his official upcoming documentary 'Welcome To My Life.' Now this could be interesting...
The autobiographical documentary, set to be directed by Andrew Sandler and produced by Riveting Entertainment, is based on the tagline: “He went from being America’s sweetheart to public enemy number one.” Um, we all know how his career unraveled, and the issues he's faced as a result of his decline. I feel he's had plenty of opportunity to put all that 2009 BS to rest. Maybe putting it all out there and giving the world an inside look into his life is probably what he needs to move on. 

Alternatively, it could be just another headlining tactic to serve as cross promotion for an upcoming project. I'd definitely put some money on that. It wouldn't be worth watching if no real tea is spilled, but do we really care at this point?

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