Chris Brown writes violent, homophobic rant at Kevin McCall...

Chris Brown has threatened violence and ridicules his former protege Kevin McCall for being a closeted gay.
"You ain't shit, aint gone ever be shit" he tells McCall in a profanity fueled rant, "This street shit is what I'm great at a lot better than this music." Adding, "My address is on Google, so you know where I stay." Such a great idea. Tell the whole world your address is on Google, and then wonder why your crib often gets broken into. He was never raised in the hood so why act so gangster? This boy has officially lost it. McCall use to be signed to RCA and CB's imprint Chris Brown Entertainment (CBE), but their departure seems to have ended on a sour note. By the way, who cares if someone is on the DL? Why is it okay to ridicule someone over their sexuality? Why does he often make it a habit of gay shaming people? Didn't he do this shit with Frank Ocean in a previous social media spat? His businesses and money making deals revolves around working with gay people and a lot of his supporters are gay too.

He simply wouldn't be rich without them, and he certainly wouldn't be able to maintain the luxurious lifestyle he currently enjoys. If you're going to roast someone, do it with valid arguments. Criticize them for being talent-less. Shit on their music because it's wack. And given his history, is it actually smart to threaten someone with violence so publicly? Is this boy a dummy, or is he just a fricking dummy?

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