'Mariah's World' docu-series to air on E!

It's really happening. Mariah Carey officially snags an eight-part docu-series, entitled 'Mariah’s World,' to be aired on the E! network.
The show will follow MC on the road in Europe and South Africa, and document preparations for her upcoming nuptials to billionaire fiancĂ© James Packer (read more).  

Do you want the truth? When people think of E! these days they think of Kardashians and trashy reality show. It explains why they are desperately trying to flog it as a documentary and not a reality show. Not to say MC's show will be trashy. This could actually turn out to be a classy barrel of laughs! Earlier tonight (see above photo), she kicked off her 'Sweet Sweet Fantasy' European tour in Glasgow, Scotland. Would you be tuning in for the ride?