Beyoncé set to release ‘Lemonade’ on iTunes at midnight

According to HDD and the New York Times, Beyoncé's Tidal exclusivity of new album 'Lemonade' will be very short-lived.
The set will be released to iTunes and Amazon tonight, and was just made available to purchase on Tidal. Smart move! Bey must have witnessed the messy farce that went on surrounding the Tidal releases of Rihanna and Kanye West and decided to react much quicker. Jay Z should still be thankful. After all, Bey's new album has already made Tidal one of the top apps in the App Store!

Thanks to 'Lemonade,' Tidal became the most downloaded music app in the US, surpassing Pandora, Spotify and one of the top apps worldwide. The service will also have a permanent exclusive on the streaming front and no plans are being implemented to take the album wide on that platform. The album is also set to see a physical release later on in the week.

Source: HDD + New York Times.