Beyoncé's 'Becky' supposedly outs herself (Jay Z's alleged side chick)

Ashes to ashes and dust to side chicks. This morning, Rachel Roy posted to Instagram a very telling caption. Beyhive have been calling her a whore since.
"Good hair don't care," says Roy. Meanwhile, Beyoncé's new song 'Sorry' features the lyric, He only want me when I’m not there. He better call Becky with the good hair.” It has long been rumored Roy is the reason Solange beat up Jay Z at the MET Gala in 2014. Why do people think it's Roy though? Isn't 'Becky' slang for white chick? My guess would have been Rita Ora (hint).

A little more insight:

Beyhive also hacked Roy's Wiki page:

They went in so hard, Roy ended up putting her Instagram to private. Bey's new album 'Lemonade' (which dropped on Tidal last night), is littered with references towards Jay Z's alleged infidelity. “Who the fuck do you think I am? You try this shit again, you gon’ lose your wife” she sings.