Chris Brown stomps on man's head (footage)

On May 18th, Chris Brown allegedly stomped on a man’s head at Gotha Club in Cannes where he was hosting. Breezy fan Malek Mokrani was part of security and claims he had to go to hospital due to neck and head pain. Chris says he was upset with one of the venue’s security guards, who allegedly assaulted him.

He stresses that the man stomped on was NOT a fan as initially reported by TMZ over the weekend. It’s unclear if Mokrani was involved in the fight or just collateral damage, but now it seems Mokrani is definetely fishing for that lawsuit dough.

Methinks, Chris simply isn't cut out for a career in showbiz because trouble follows him everywhere and people always end up getting hurt. It is always at club events where these things happen. Even if he didn't do it, people will still blame him and use it as a money grabbing opportunity because of his violent past. He should just take a step back for a while, work behind the scenes if he needs to work and spend more time with his daughter.