Why is Rita Ora the new host of ‘America’s Next Top Model’?

Rita Ora has become the official new host of VH1's revamped ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ She replaces supermodel Tyra Banks after 22 cycles. Fans are not happy, but can you blame them? Out of all the fitting faces they could have chosen for this gig, Rita just comes across as a really odd choice.

How can she give out model industry advice when it's not her main job? Come to think of it, she has graced more magazine covers over the last year than any pop singer that actually had music out. I am starting to think she's trying to shun her career as an actual singer or she knows that the hype to hear her (awful) music is non-existent and the passion to put it out is low on her radar. Seems she'd rather be known as a socialite these days.

Her reasoning for quitting X Factor was because she wanted to concentrate on her new album. An album that was supposed to drop three years ago! It doesn't make sense why she would agree to do this gig when she has just signed a new record deal with Atlantic. If she's trying to raise her profile further in the States, I think that ship has long sailed. She had a heavily promoted blink and miss it role in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and a hit song with Iggy Azalea and she still failed to make noise with her own music. The show, which was axed by The CW after 13 years, will return this Fall.