Adele & Super Bowl in the same sentence?!?!

Considering the source, it's probably not going to happen. However, it's being reported that Adele could be the one to headline next year's Super Bowl halftime show. *crickets*

I feel sleepy already just saying that out loud. As much as I love Adele, this gets a big fat no from me. She would probably have to hire dance guru David Guetta to remix her depressing break-up songs. Secondly, she would have to do what Katy Perry did and bring in some dancing fish to detract from her lack of movement on stage. Even then, I just couldn't see this working out simply because Adele isn't that type of artist. Neither is Coldplay, which is why they allowed Beyoncé and Bruno Mars to overshadow their performance.

Besides, I don't think she would want to sacrifice her artistic integrity for a 15 minute show no matter how big the exposure was. She certainly doesn't need it. Super Bowl performances are supposed to electrify and pump up the crowd and you would never get that from an Adele performance. They need an actual all round entertainer and performer like Jennifer Lopez or Pink. Even Rihanna would be able to pull it off. Who would your halftime choice be?