Boots teases new Beyoncé music

Last night, producer Boots posted a very short snippet of what the Beyhive believes to be a brand new Beyoncé track on his Instagram. He has since deleted the video, but now the snippet is everywhere.

Speculation has it that the song could very much appear on her joint album with husband Jay Z. But the very credible BeyhiveTeam says it will be MONTHS before we see a Beyoncé and Jay Z joint album, and that there is no confirmed release for 2016. If you're not familar with Boots' work, he co-wrote and produced 'Haunted,' 'Heaven' and 'Blue' for 2013’s 'Beyoncé', as well as '6 Inch' off 'Lemonade.' So what is your take on this? Is Bey planning to drop new music soon? Or... is this just an unreleased cut that was put on the chopping block and he's just messing around with ya'll?