Britney Spears & G-Eazy perform 'Make Me' at VMAs

The energy we used to live for from Britney Spears just wasn't present, but being made to perform right after Beyoncé was a tad bit brutal. Still, Britney smiled it up for the cameras and did what she could.
'Make Me' featuring G-Eazy

We know she lipsyncs, so she may as well just ditch the microphones and own it. I feel like she needed a bigger song if she was going to come hard. A better option would have been to perform maybe three or four songs off 'Glory.'

A transition into 'Do You Wanna Come Over' would have been great followed by perhaps 'Just Luv Me' or 'Love Me Down.' It could have been epic and it would have served as a real marketing tool for the album. Maybe she is conscious of her limitations and didn't want to push herself, since nerves had kicked in. Performing a dead song like 'Make Me' was a bit of a waste, and she pretty much let G-Eazy take over the performance.