Britney Spears ‘Make Me’ video is a real letdown

Britney Spears premiered the video for her new single ‘Make Me’ (ft. G-Eazy), and it's probably one of her worst videos ever. A bunch of muscle-bound men strip down in a bid to impress and win some sexy time with the singer. I don't think the video fits the song very well, but she looks absolutely incredible.

Sadly, the video is so boring and basic. No dancing. No storyline. Nothing. Just a really pointless visual with jarring product placement. Britney allegedly scrapped the original high budget video angering director David LaChapelle. The original clip is now partially leaking in low quality.
They had to re-shoot the video because Britney felt it was too inappropriate (too sexual). Then to add insult to injury, the album cover is a grainy still from the actual video. LaChapelle shot the original album cover for 'Glory,' and allegedly refused to let her use it after she scrapped the original video. This is why we have a screen shot of the new music video as the album cover. It still doesn't change the fact that her label couldn't even be assed to spend money on a proper photoshoot. At least with a different photographer. Seriously, what were they thinking?!

The cut serves as the lead single off her ninth studio album 'Glory,' due August 26th. Check out the underwhelming Randee St. Nicholas-directed clip below.