Britney Spears pulls a Mariah Carey (J.Lo style) + album news

In a recent interview, Britney Spears told KIIS 1065 that she's never met Taylor Swift, when the reality is, they've met multiple times. Britney is a total sweetheart and when she unintentionally shades your ass, you know you ain't shit!

Hell, even if I DID remember, I too would have said I didn't meet her either. Taylor has been such a hot, manipulative mess lately. A document on Sony’s server says that Britney’s album will drop September 1st, which is on a Thursday. Not Friday, which is when albums are usually  released worldwide. So make of that what you will.

As for Taylorgate:
on Sony’s server says Britney’s album will drop September 1, which is odd considering it’s a Thursday. Albums are typically released world-wide on Fridays. Read more at:
But these pics say different: