Chris Brown drops visuals for 'Grass Ain’t Greener'

Chris Brown drops his 'Grass Ain’t Greener' video today, supposedly off his next studio album, 'Heartbreak On A Full Moon.'
This song came out in May, so a video seems a bit pointless. I feel like sewer garbage every time I listen to his music. It's not good music, and he hasn't been looking too good either.

He puts out mediocrity on a yearly six month basis, and does so because he knows his fans will eat it up. Clearly, he puts a lot of creative thought into his visuals but it gets to a point where if you've seen one CB video, you've seen them all. Ultimately, this would be a not so funny skit in the opening, followed by those same, tired dance moves (krumping is dead but he's clearly not getting the memo). Anyway, check out what he's serving below.