Ciara talks new album

Ciara tells WWD that she's taking her sweet steady time with her new album, because she wants to "do it right for the fans." No shade, but... doesn't she say this every go round?
"I'm taking my time". "I want this to be my best body of work". "I want my fans to really enjoy it". Um, we've heard this all before!!!! Word for word. And when she does drop the album, she still fails to put right the disconnect from the failed era before it. I'm still waiting for her to drop that really hot single to blow everyone away. She hasn't had that moment since 'Evolution.'

The problem is, the more back to back flop albums an artist encounters, the more unlikely and difficult it is for them to get back that mainstream momentum. As for other singers she's rocking out to, she name drops Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Beyoncé. Interesting choices I dare say.

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