Cops called to Cassie's house after fight with Diddy

Cassie and Diddy have split up. Again. They reportedly had a heated argument in a car Wednesday afternoon after Cassie told him she wanted to break up.
He angrily snatched her phone, and jumped out of the car in Beverley Hills, while she took off with the driver and went back to her house. Cassie told her mother about the phone incident before Diddy came home and returned it, but her mom had already called the cops. As he left, he took with him two cars parked outside. Cassie wrote up a domestic incident report, after explaining to cops that she got the phone back so they left.

Uh. If anyone follows her on Instagram, she posted some pics of her face looking battered and bruised in 2014. Everyone had suspected Diddy hit her. But she claimed she was involved in an ATV accident while riding in Dubai. Not surprising that Diddy has an angry streak to him as he punched his son's UCLA coach last year and also had a violent altercation with rapper Drake. He definitely comes across as controlling, using his wealth and power to control her. It's probably why she stayed with him for an entire decade regardless of the fact that he openly cheats.

She wasted her entire 20s on him and now she's 30 and doesn't have much to show for it. He didn't do anything for her music career despite being signed to his Bad Boy label for a number of years. Someone with her beauty could have settled for much better. Even if his paper was nowhere near Diddy's level, at least she would have been treated with respect. I don't know any heterosexual man that wouldn't have wifed her already.