Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Tamia & Eric Benet re-record 'Spend My Life'

There's no telling when Tamia's seventh studio album will be released. Def Jam has done nothing for her career. 'Love Life' was such a good album and yet, it didn't even receive a Grammy nod.

It's crazy how 'Beautiful Surprise' got one and she was independent at the time! Seems she might have come to this realisation as her name is nowhere to be seen on Def Jam's roster. Anyway, she has announced on social media that she and Eric Benet have just re-recorded their #1 hit 'Spend My Life With You.' I can't imagine the new version being that drastically different from the original. It will be interesting to hear how their current vocals sound on the 17-year-old R&B classic. Probably almost the same I bet. Anyway, enjoy this trip down memory lane...