Video Premiere: Usher ft. Young Thug - 'No Limit'

Usher serves up some serious dance-heavy visuals for his latest single 'No Limit.' The clip features special cameos from Gucci Mane, Ty Dolla $ign, and Boosie Badazz. The younger kids are certainly out dancing Usher in this video.

But... that's not to say Usher can't hold his own here. The man is pushing 40 and actually still has it. I love the visual's simplicity and Usher does look good. The song has peaked at #59 on the Billboard Hot 100, while his other dual single 'Crash (and burned)' hasn't even debuted. During this point in his career, it appears pop radio doesn't care much for Usher, whereas his urban songs have this habit of fairing much better.

Crazy thing is, if Justin Timberlake (or even Bieber) had released a song like 'Crash', it would have been an instant hit. The focus will most likely shift to just 'No Limit' now, since this is the one song that's actually moving. I also think it was a bad move for him to make the video a Tidal exclusive. As of now he needs to have this on as many formats as possible. The video isn't even on his VEVO yet, and it's been on Tidal for the past three days now. I sometimes wonder if he actually wants a hit, or just doesn't care much that he's sabotaging his own career. Look out for his new album 'Flawed,' which is expected to drop later this year via RCA.