Aston Merrygold's ‘I Ain’t Missing You’ video 🎥

Former JLS frontman Aston Merrygold premieres the high energy visuals for his new single ‘I Ain’t Missing You’ today. 
The new single is from his forthcoming debut solo album 'Showstopper', and follows on from his first single 'Get Stupid,' which flopped last year. For good reason too.

The sound he was going for was dated, and it seemed he was going for the imaging of Bruno Mars. Truth be told, no one does Bruno Mars quite like Bruno Mars. This new track has a lot more radio appeal, so there's no reason why his former band mate Marvin Humes shouldn't play it on Capital FM. Aston went on to sell 10 million records worldwide with JLS, until the boys split in 2013. No pressure then, eh?