Reader comments of the week

Rihanna and Drake finally went official. Beyoncé saved the VMAs. And Britney's album underperformed. What are TW readers saying this week?
Britney's album 'Glory' sold just 111k copies this week (streaming and sales). With pure sales, she only sold 88k, coming in at #3 on the Billboard 200. What other underlying reasons could there be for the album's lukewarm performance? Mike Gonzalez says:
"Britney is suffering the consequences of catering to a certain demographic age (mostly teens) with her music. She basically makes music with no meaning. She's been singing about sex since 'I'm A Slave 4 U' but at least the beat was sick (and still is!!) I wish she'd make music of her age for people her age with much deeper and well thought-out lyrics, not cuz you're a popstar you gotta make shitty music."

Britney makes fun music. Always has done. Singing about social issues and more adult themes (outside of sex) is something she's never pandered to. Of course it would be nice to hear a change in tack lyrically. But we just have to accept Britney will be singing the same subjects right up until she's 60-years-old.

Cassie is trying to come back, but is it too little too late? Lady admits:
"I had given up hope to see her ever becoming successful after she dumped Ryan, but her songs will always be amazing, so I'll be checking out for that."
No one believes she will ever enjoy commercial success again. The general opinion here is that Cassie puts out hot music. Even if it flops, at least the small followers she has will appreciate it.

Following their big love display at the VMAs (and after), Rihanna and Drake got kissy kissy on stage during his concert in Miami this week. Some of you are still convinced this is all one big PR stunt. Sheen says:
"Rihanna is milking this for what it's worth. Drake has always fangirled for Rih, but IDK she doesn't seem into him...I think he's too soft for her. Don't let her be caught hugged up with someone else [in two weeks I'm sure she will]...the rappers are gonna light Drake's ass up!"

Ri certainly loves herself a bad boy. Drake doesn't fit the criteria. If Chris Brown wasn't such a f*ckboy, she'd still be with him. Drake doesn't bring danger or excitement to her life. He probably doesn't even like rough sex (and cries during the process). Maybe this doesn't bother her so much now. She's pushing 30. She's probably realizing that Drake is one of the good guys who could treat her right.

Trouble seems to follow Chris Brown everywhere. Now he faces jail time for gun charges. Dassit says:
"Those that live in LA, should know it's the same place that attacked Britney, and Michael. They were out to ruin them. Sadly, Michael is no longer here. Chris needs to leave LA. Fly in for work, or just move on the outskirts. Leave the fame behind, and focus on health, and bettering his craft."

No one wants to see him join the 27 club. But this is where his life is heading. Moving out of LA is probably the only way to save himself. He also needs to get rid of the no-life enablers that constantly surround him. They are NOT his friends.

Our most popular post this year attracted 107 comments, and had readers completely divided! That's right. Beyoncé's much talked about VMAs performance, which is widely said to have saved the show. Most people agree with this. And well, Scoopz certainly delivered the scoop with this right here:
"She aint the best dancer out there but she can certainly dance and pull off choreography well. This however was sloppy and unpolished by her standards. The moves lacked her usual finesse and sometimes she gets over excited and looks a lil crazy. But overall she's def a solid dancer. I put this sloppy performance down to lack of rehearsal time. Chicks been sunning herself all over the world. She probably put this together Friday afternoon" 

The performance was good. Though my issue with it is that it was nothing we hadn't seen before from Bey. I've seen better dancing from her in past performances (although she's not the best in that department.) She looked a bit deranged which I found quite off putting.