Solange Knowles assaulted at a concert

Last night, Solange Knowles had a lime thrown at her during a Kraftwerk concert in New Orleans. Find out why.
Solange attends the Creatures of Comfort fashion show on Sept. 8th

BeyoncĂ©'s younger sister says it was because she was standing and DANCING to Kraftwerk and that didn't go down so well with other concertgoers. On September 9th, “4 older white women yell to me from behind, ‘Sit down now,'” she said. “I tell them I’m dancing at a concert. They yell, ‘you need to sit down now.’ We are at an ELECTRONIC and DANCE music concert and you are telling... not asking me... to sit down. In front of my child.” Maybe they were pissed at her for blocking their view. Seems they weren't into dancing as they just wanted to enjoy the show with their bums firmly placed on seats. Older peeps sounds just about right. She ignores their requests and continues dancing, only to have a lemon lime thrown at her back, as identified by her son Daniel Julez.

Solange said she wanted to share her experience so that her followers can understand why black people feel unsafe in “white spaces.” Apparently, the Orpheum Theater has a seated capacity of 1,500. Solange claims she and her family made up four of around 20 other black people at the show. "Now the old me..." Solange says without finishing. Yeah we know. Somebody would have got an ass whooping. We saw what happened to Jay Z in that elevator.