Solange Knowles previews new song & music video

Yes, Solange is releasing new music very soon! Get into some exciting deets inside.
Solange unwraps a brand new website, a snippet of new music and a clip which looks to be the track's music video. Finally. The fiery Knowles sister is actually dropping new music, and hopefully, it's a new album (her third) and NOT another EP! Solange's last full length studio album was ‘Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams’ in 2012 and she's dropped her ‘True’ EP prior to that. I love Solange's music. She makes her sister's music sound like sh*t. Though it sells because of who she is and how she goes about her business. Solange should have cashed in on that comeback the moment elevator-gate footage leaked. Scandal is delicious. Scandal sells. And overall, I love watching 'Scandal.' However, I'm definitely excited for whatever Solange has cooking. Are you?