Alicia Keys debuts 'Holy War' + unwraps 'Here' album tracklist ♫♫

Is it just me, or isn't there not much hype surrounding this new Alicia Keys album? 

The 15-time Grammy winner unwraps the official 18-track setlist for her new album 'Here,' and even debuts a brand new song called  'Holy War.' The soulful ballad comprises minimalist arrangement of finger snaps, and acoustic strings.

I'm not digging the chorus vocals, but the production is nice. It imagines a world where "sex is holy and war is obscene," and was first performed during her set for her Keep A Child Alive's recent Black Ball 2016 benefit concert. The new album will hit stores on November 4th.

'Here' tracklist
1. The Beginning (Interlude)
2. The Gospel
3. Pawn It All
4. Elaine Brown (Interlude)
5. Kill Your Mama
6. She Don’t Really Care / Luv
7. Elevate (Interlude)
8. Illusion Of Bliss
9. Blended Family (What You Do For Love) [ft. A$AP Rocky]
10. Work On It
11. Cocoa Butter (Cross & Pic Interlude)
12. Girl Can’t Be Herself
13. You Glow (Interlude)
14. More Than We Know
15. Where Do We Begin Now
16. Holy War
17. Hallelujah (International Bonus)
18. In Common (International Bonus)