Beyoncé's 'Formation' tour earns $256 million

In her own words, she slays! The numbers are in for Beyoncé’s blockbuster 'Formation' world tour, and she's killing it! The tour pulled in more than $256,084,556 with 2.2 million tickets sold. Each concert averaged $5.2 million and 45,757 paid attendees. The tour’s biggest success was London’s Wembley Stadium, which pulled $15.3 million with 142,5000 tickets sold.

Coming second was New York’s Citi Field, which pulled $11.5 million with 73,486 tickets sold in two sold-out shows. It was the highest-grossing stop in North America. The trek kicked off April 27th and ended October 7th. Bey never fails to pull in those receipts. There's no doubt Bey is now one of the biggest touring acts in history. She holds the title for being the biggest touring act in history for a black female artist, period.