Little Mix debut new single ‘Shoutout To My Ex’ on The X Factor ♫♫

Little Mix debuted new single ‘Shoutout To My Ex,’ on tonight's X Factor and already they're getting accused of ripping off G.R.L.'s 'Ugly Heart.' Oops! The song serves as a big middle finger to Perrie's ex fiance Zayn Malik. It's catchy, anthemey and has a massive sing-a-long chorus, so it should be another hit for them. It's also very relatable to like... 90% of the population. The lyrics are rather interesting as well.

“Hope she gettin’ better sex, hope she ain’t fakin’ it like I did, babe.” And yet Perrie said "yes" to Zayn's proposal and was even willing to spend a lifetime with a man who couldn't make her cum. I would not be bragging about that in a song if I were her. But anyway, she's now dating former 'Skins' actor Luke Pasqualino who could easily be kin to Zayn. Home girl has a type that's for sure. Can't hate though. She stays getting the cute ones. As for the performance... breath control Leigh-Ann, breath control. Other than that, cute performance. Their new album 'Glory Days' is due November 18th.