Beyoncé performs 'Daddy Lessons' at CMA Awards + gets deleted

Wham bam thank you ma'am!

Beyoncé performed her 'Lemonade' album track 'Daddy Lessons' live on stage with Dixie Chicks at the 50th annual CMA Awards last night in Nashville, Tennessee. The CMAs got their ratings, and then deleted Beyoncé from their social media pages. Apparently, they felt the major backlash was very unbecoming. The chick is from Texas you idiots!

White supremacists kill me. I think their reaction might have something to do with her Black Panther saluting performance at the Super Bowl earlier this year, which was touted as 'racist'. I mean, she's Bey and God forbid a star of  her caliber to make a stand against police brutality. Furthermore, it's not like she hasn't delivered country bops before. 'If I Were A Boy' had some country influences, no? She released a country version of 'Irreplaceable' in 2007. As much as I love Rihanna, I don't ever recall Ri getting this type of backlash when she performed there a few years ago with Jennifer Nettles, and she's an Island chick! By the way, Bey did a nice job in this performance for the reader that criticized me for not acknowledging. It was nice, but lacked that wow factor just like her VMAs performance. I miss how she use to serve raw vocals in her performances, and I know what she's capable of vocally because I've been to her concerts. I also felt that she was overdressed for the occasion. Chick isn't at the Grammys or the Met Ball. A pair of jeans and some cowboy boots would have been absolutely fine.