Beyoncé publicly endorses Hillary Clinton

Beyoncé says she's "with her." 

Bey didn't just perform at the 'Get Out The Vote' concert in support of Hillary Clinton last night. She delivered a very empowering speech on why she wants a woman to become the next president. She says she wants her daughter Blue Ivy growing up to see a woman lead the country.

Then she performed in her power pantsuit to the tune of 'Formation,' 'Freedom', and the much convenient 'Run The World (Girls).' The Hillary Clinton campaign rally was hosted by her husband Jay Z at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland. A host of popular musicians also took to the stage in support. Hillary's campaign has been attracting a lot of major star power lately. Last week, Jennifer Lopez also performed a concert for Hillary, much to the disgruntled reaction of Donald Trump. Apparently, Trump had to go it alone at his rally last night. Dude thinks he doesn't need the celebrity support to win this campaign, but he's so wrong. It's the young people of this generation that have a main say in their future. Celebrity endorsements, especially ones with major pull like Beyoncé and Jay Z will certainly make the difference seeing as how they have a massive young following. Not just any following, but a black following, which is very crucial in winning this election. 

I think that's definitely going to be Hillary's trump card (pun intended). Their public endorsement also encourages other celebrities to come out in droves as well, such as the many rappers that came out to perform last night (Big Sean, Chance The Rapper and J.Cole). The United States presidential election of 2016 is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8th.  Check out videos and pictures from last night's action below.

Beyoncé's speech:

Donald Trump: "We set a new record for this building. I didn't need to bring J.Lo or Beyoncé!"
President Obama gives full speech at rally in Charlotte, NC. last night:

Beyoncé performs 'Formation' at Hillary Clinton's rally last night:
*Both performances will be posted once they're available in HQ*