Monica announces departure from RCA Records

It’s the end of an era for Monica. After two decades, Monica has left RCA Records. 

She announced her departure from RCA with a touching message on Instagram. It was all words of gratitude and love. No bitterness whatsoever. I'm glad they departed on good terms, and I'm especially grateful for what their long term partnership has given us.

I love her discography so much. Those first two albums are R&B classics. Sure, she's had some misses, but for every miss, there have been many hits along the way. I grew up with Monica and her music going far back as her debut 'Miss Thang' in the mid 90s. She could have crashed and burned a long time ago but she's managed to maintain a steady career for over 20 years. Her and Usher are the real MVPs! It seems they both sat down and came to a mutual agreement that there wasn't much further their journey can go, but once again, I'm grateful.

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