Video Premiere: Alicia Keys ft. A$AP Rocky – ‘Blended Family’ + official album sales

The divorce settlement Mashonda received from Alicia Keys must have been life changing. 

I mean, it's cool to be civilized to one another but something just seems weird about appearing in a "Blended Family" music video with the woman who "stole your man and wrecked your marriage." Your words remember, Ms Dean? And then have that same man appear in the video too? Sounds like some mess they should have taken to 'Love & Hip Hop.' But hey, if the kids are happy... Alicia dropped her new album 'Here' a week ago and it sold 46,266 copies in pure sales and 54,600 with Sales-Plus-Streaming. It debuts at #2 on The Billboard 200. The number is a bit higher than the initial projections but this is still very bad for an artist of Alicia's caliber.