Chris Brown’s angry rant over (illegal) streams of new single

An enraged Chris Brown uses his ‘Kanye voice’ to vent about fans not fully supporting his new single 'Party.' 
Aggression is his middle name

A *very* passionate rant saw Breezy go in on fans last night about streaming his music.

"Party is on iTunes! F*ck streams!" he wrote in the now deleted Instagram post. The rant makes claim that he works harder than his peers, and that neither of them have half his talent. He says some folks never had to struggle or work a day in their life for the privileges they now have, so they could never understand his hustle.

It’s unclear whether his venom is directed towards legal streaming services like Spotify, or if he’s angry at people illegally downloading his music, period. I would say a combination of both. Notice how he always goes on these tempestuous rants whenever he puts out new music. Of course it's good to be passionate about your art. But that's not to say it's okay to be an egotistical asshole. People DO support his music by the way. Every R&B artist (including the vets) sold below 50K this year. And yet, every album of his sells over 100K in the first week, including the crappy one he dropped last year. In 2015, 'Royalty' sold 184,000 units (162,000 in pure album sales.) He says he's focused but the music isn't agreeing with that sentiment. His last few albums have been absolutely awful. That said, his fans actually do come through for him, even if he feels the sales do not reflect the number of "likes" some of his posts attract on social media.