Christina Aguilera shows off prominent "baby bump" on stage

On Wednesday night, Christina Aguilera performed a concert in Moscow, Russia and a very visible baby bump was on display.
This above photo is a screen shot from her 'Aint No Other Man' performance when she turns to the side to walk the stage. Just before performing 'Dirrty,' she is holding her stomach while walking down the stairs as if to take extra care. I'm very aware her weight fluctuates and this could very well be a food baby, but the tell tale signs are there. Affectionately rubbing her stomach, restrictive movements for the dance-worthy tracks and vice versa. She looks about 5-6 months gone. Her and Pink preggars at the same time? Niiiice. If she is in deed pregnant with her third child, congrats to her and fiance Matt Rutler, as now would be the ideal time to extend her family. Unfortunately for the fans, this could mean a longer wait for that new album.

Check out a couple videos from her performance at Kremlin Palace in Moscow below (December 7th).

Ain't No Other Man:
Genie in a Bottle / Dirrty: