Fergie's Today performance: ‘Life Goes On’

Fergie recently announced an early 2017 release for her new album 'Double Duchess,' and decided to squeeze in some final 2016 promotion.
She took to the stage on the Today show to perform new single ‘Life Goes On.’ Fergie's comeback has been pretty much non-existent over the last few years.

She would release a song. The song flops. She disappears, and goes into hibernation to lick her wounds. Then she will come back again, release another song. That flops too. So now she's left with the decision of whether to release an album without a hit single or keep releasing flop after flop until one actually becomes successful. She could be waiting a loooong time. As a result, that would mean no album. It's like the Usher situation. His new music didn't resonate with the public, so he waited two more years to drop the album, only for it to flop horribly. She should just do her and drop the album, because if people wanted to support the album they would.