Mariah Carey confirms romance with Bryan Tanaka

Mariah Carey has officially confirmed her romance with dancer toyboy Bryan Tanaka, and decided to let her actions do the talking.
The new couple were snapped piling on some major PDA at the beach in Maui, Hawaii on Monday.

Interesting that such pics conveniently surface when Mariah’s docu-series airs this week. The romance comes less than two months after her split with billionaire James Packer. I don't think I've ever seen Mariah engaging in this type of PDA with Packer other than the odd holding of hands. Sometimes you see couples together and the sexual chemistry is so strong, you can actually feel it. Those vibes were never present with Mariah and James. Remember the pics of her falling down the stairs on their yacht? He just sat there and didn't rush to her aid like any caring boyfriend would. Mariah knew dude wasn't a looker. However, being with a man that had more money than she did appealed to her in a big way. She never had to worry about being used. Did she truly love him? I'm doubtful.

Sure, these pics are staged as hell and maybe dude makes her happy, but these are clearly an attempt to make James seethe. It has even been claimed that the 49-year-old was so jealous of Bryan that he used his influence in the casino world to have him banned from Caesar's Palace, where Mariah has her residency. Maybe he had reason to be concerned. The sad thing is, Tanaka will probably just see this as a come-up like Casper Smart did with J.Lo. Long term, it more than likely won't last. As long as she doesn't mind having fun for now. As for that swimsuit...

Photos: Daily Mail