Aaliyah's music gets yanked off iTunes & Apple Music... again!

Aaaaaaand... Aaliyah's greatest hits album has been removed from iTunes and Apple Music after just one day. 
It was fun while it lasted! Aaliyah’s posthumous compilation 'Ultimate' was released unexpectedly on iTunes and Apple Music this week. It landed a week before what would have been the singer's 38th birthday. The moment I saw it up there, I knew it wasn't legal. Craze Productions posted her music on iTunes back in 2013, and were later sued. The music was also taken down. 

I hope the fans that wanted to complete their Aaliyah collection got theirs in, before it got snatched. I've had the physical version of this greatest hits album for over a decade. I purchased it the very moment it came out in 2005. For some reason, a large portion of her catalogue (owned by her uncle Barry Hankerson) has remained unavailable on streaming formats for many years. Someone really needs to send the uncle a "four-paged letter." 

As of writing the album was currently #3 on the main album iTunes chart, and #1 on iTunes Hip Hop/Rap albums as well. People clearly want her music. There was no promo for this album and it was already slaying iTunes. 

Check out a stream of Aaliyah’s Ultimate collection below.