Beyoncé interviews Solange for ‘Interview’ magazine

Aw, how sweet and cute is this? Beyoncé embracing the role of journalist to delve into her sister Solange's life. 
It's probably the most we've seen Beyoncé speak in almost four years.  For the latest issue of Interview magazine, Beyoncé grills Solange on her creative vision in regards to latest album 'A Seat At The Table,' growing up, and becoming an independent woman. Other subjects touched include married life with Alan Ferguson and even the Real Housewives Of Atlanta. 

The indie music darling had to grow up in her big sister's shadow, and now it is made known that they both looked up to each other. This was a cute idea, and maybe the questions could have been a tad bit stronger, but you know they're not going to put themselves out there too much. Still, the interaction between them was nice, the sisterly bond is strong and Bey gets goofy. I even found myself mimicking Bey's deep southern drawl in my head. It's just too bad they had to put that Bey plug at the end of the article. It's not like we don't know Beyoncé is a 20-time Grammy Award-winning artist, who dropped her sixth studio album 'Lemonade' last year.

Click here to read the entire interview.